Credit: Hospital Workers Rising

Zarah Livingston is a health care worker and community organizer proud to launch her campaign for PA House District 32.

House District 32 currently covers Penn Hills, Plum, and Blawnox but its exact boundaries may change as result of the ongoing redistricting triggered by the 2020 US Census.

In Harrisburg, Zarah plans to work on...

Environmental Justice

The climate crisis is the biggest threat facing humanity. The UN's 2021 Climate Report was clear: we can not continue to exploit the planet. We owe it to ourselves to bring Penn Hills and Plum to the front of the fight to save our planet. Let's work together to:

  1. Ban Fracking and retrain industry workers for equivalent green trades strong union jobs

  2. Protect our Right to Alternative Fuel Sources, including solar

Ending the War on Drugs

Pennsylvania spends more on incarcerating our neighbors than we do on educating our children. For-profit and publicly owned prisons alike have profited off of incarcerated populations, all while disrupting our communities and separating families for what are often victimless crimes.

  1. Decriminalize marijuanna and psychedellic ("magic") mushrooms

  2. Legalize and fund safe injection sites and needle exchanges

Reducing Gun Violence

Zarah strongly believes in protecting constitutional rights while engaging in evidence-based practices to reduce the number of community members who turn to violence. Providing services, including education, housing, and healthcare does more to end violence in our communities than any other policy.

  1. Creating a Pennsylvania Homes Guarantee to house the homeless and protect renters and homeowners

  2. Ending the militarization of our police, including the Deadly Exchange

A dollar doesn't stretch as far as it used to. That's why Zarah is committed to starting the conversation at a $20 minimum wage, with demands for increases tied to cost of living.

Our communities are only as healthy as our hearts and our minds. Everyone deserves access to a broad spectrum of mental health and wellness services and the state should invest resources in broadening that access.

Fire and emergency medical services in our rural and smaller municipalities are struggling from a severe lack of funding. Zarah will fight to include earmarked funds specifically to provide updated safety equipment and training for fire and EMS departments.

It's true: an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure. We can save tax dollars being spent on treatment of long-term illnesses and disease by protecting access to routine preventative healthcare.